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The origin and development of curtains

Curtain, English: window curtains French: the curtain hung on the window by rideaux. Since ancient times, there have been windows in China. When there are windows, people think that there should be something to cover the windows, so there are curtains. Today we will talk about the origin and development of curtains.

At first, people didn't have cloth or paper. They used leaves as curtains. Later, when people had cloth, that is, silk, the rich and powerful people of the royal family and aristocracy had silk as curtains. Later, Cai Lun invented and improved paper-making technology. Most ordinary people's families could have paper as curtains. So there is paper-cut art in China, and the paper-cut art on curtains is developed and handed down by Ruo Mao.

Curtain is people's mood, is one of the indispensable choices for us to decorate the style of living space, is the performance of the master's taste, and is the spirit of living space. In a word, taking time to choose a curtain is sometimes a good way to appreciate life. At first, people didn't have cloth or paper. They could only use leaves or grass fabrics as curtains. With the progress and development of human beings, people invented cloth. At this time, curtain cloth is still an extravagant hope for the poor. It's a great pleasure to eat and wear warm clothes. Only for the royal family, nobles and people with money and power can silk fabrics be used as curtains. At this time, many bamboo and wood appeared And straw curtains, but not mainstream, style is not much.

Later, after Cai Lun, the great inventor of our country, invented and improved the papermaking technology, people found that using paper as curtains was the best choice. It was beautiful, practical and cheap. Most ordinary people used paper as curtains, which greatly promoted the development of curtains. In China, there was the art of paper-cut, and the art of paper-cut on curtains was carried forward and handed down.

Today, the curtain has coexisted with our space. The style has changed a lot, the style has changed a lot, and the function has been refined to any place. European, Korean, Chinese, sunshade, acoustic curtain, ceiling curtain, shutter, wooden curtain, bamboo curtain, metal curtain, organ curtain, electric curtain and manual curtain.

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