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SMALL LIVING ROOM?How to match the curtains?

As a part of home decoration, curtains are selected at the end of the decoration period  generally. But how to choose curtains Some homeowners have no idea. And now we have collected some design schemes of living room curtains for all kinds of small houses. I hope you can find your own style.

In recent years, gray curtains are more popular, young people also like this simple and generous decoration style. Light gray curtains with white walls and wooden floors are eye-catching.

It is recommended that you choose solid colored curtains. After all, the area of small family living room is not very large. If you like patterned curtains, it will look too messy for Living room.

Many homeowners also like the blue curtains, which often appear in the living room of Nordic style, and the living room is
Blue is also a color that is easy to match. After it is matched with white, light gray and wood color, the small family living room will become more beautiful.

Compared with pure pink, lotus root pink looks more warm and generous, and it is better matched, which is suitable for the overall style of the living room.

If you like American style, we recommend you to use lotus root pink curtains, and dark wood color tea table, TV cabinet collocation, such a living room looks warm and elegant atmosphere.

In the design of simple style and Japanese style, the beige curtain is often used. These two styles are also very suitable for the decoration style of small apartment. The living room looks elegant.

Beige and white are similar, they are easy matching. But it's more texture than pure white. Using it on curtains can improve the quality of your living room.

After reading the above small family living room curtain design cases, do you find a matching scheme suitable for your own home? Gray, blue, lotus root pink and beige are all good colors for matching interior soft clothes. They are suitable for most of the current styles. Using pure color curtains can also avoid too fancy living room. What do you think?

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