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How to choose the curtains in the living room?

The living room is one of the most important places in our home. We must pay more attention to it when decorate it. A good curtain allows the living room to add more colors. Do you know how to choose the curtains in the living room? Let's take a look at the selection strategy and selection skills of the curtains in the living room.

The function of living room curtains

1. The curtain is a very big decoration for the home, especially for the home with white wall, which needs a good-looking curtain to set off.
2. Shading is also a function of curtains, which can block the dazzling sunlight in the hot summer.
3. Curtains can also be used to block noise, choose the appropriate thickness of curtains to isolate from the outside noise, improve the sound environment of the family.
4. The most important role is to protect personal privacy.

Living room curtains notes

1. Curtains are soft, but due to the large area, the impact on the interior style is also great, so the color should not be too fancy, generally bright style, according to their own needs to choose.
2. According to their own family style to choose, choose the corresponding patterns and colors, but also pay attention to the selection of furniture collocation, otherwise the overall style will appear inconsistent sense of clutter.
3. The choice of materials is also very important. It is a good choice to choose some noble silk fabrics to match the luxury style. If you want to feel cool in summer, you can choose light gauze curtains.
4. No matter what style of curtain you choose, you should pay attention to the coordination between the color style of curtain and the whole living room.

What color curtains are not allowed in the living room?

1. Living room curtains should not be similar to the color of walls and furniture. For example, if the wall is yellow, then the curtains should not be beige or apricot. Otherwise, people will be tired of staying indoors for a long time.
2. If the light is darker, face north sitting room, should choose neutral slant cold curtain, rich mood. If it is a sunny room with
better lighting, you can choose a slightly bright color to coordinat

How to choose the curtains in the living room

1. Principle of choice
Curtain is not only a kind of household items used to block the sun, but also a good decoration, so we must choose the curtain with good style and rich patterns. But for the sake of beauty, the choice of living room curtain should be based on the decoration style.
2. Color selection
The color of curtains can be selected according to the interior style. Generally, dark curtains are more suitable for the retro style, which is solemn and atmospheric. And light shade curtain is modern style, indoor will be bright and fashionable.
3. Material selection curtains, which can create a cool atmosphere; in winter, on the contrary, we should choose thick cloth, which can play a role in sound insulation.

Choose a suitable curtain to create a style of interior decoration. We must remember the selection strategy and selection skills of the living room curtain. ​​​​

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