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How to choose the curtain according to the function of the room.

An elegant living room must be inseparable from the soft touch of fabric, and as the most eye-catching interior decoration is the existence of curtains.

However, there are many kinds of curtains in the market, people are easily confused by the design and color of curtains. If you choose the wrong curtain, the whole level of the house will down... Let's see how to choose the curtain according to the function of the room.

A beautiful curtain is not only a good home decoration, but also an important part of sunshade, heat insulation and indoor light adjustment. Choose a suitable curtain, to consider many aspects. 1. It can block sunlight 2. It is consistent with the room style.

Each space has a different style. Only by choosing curtains that match the furniture and wallpaper of the room, can it be unified and harmonious.

How to choose the curtains in the living room?

The living room can reflect the whole home environment, mainly has the function of reception and entertainment. If you often watch TV in the living room, you should reduce the light in the room. It is recommended to choose curtains made of thick cotton linen or polyester with light blocking and heat insulation functions.

Increase the privacy of the room, but also to block the outside dust and noise.

If you want the light in the living room to be more bright and sufficient because of the shelter of the balcony, you can choose the light tone or the thin cloth and light gauze curtain with strong light transmittance. The hollow cloth is also a good choice.

Imagine that a light and transparent window screen can not only reduce the sense of depression, but also see the natural scenery outside the window. How beautiful it is


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